The ‘Famiglia Pedersoli’ company offers Ukrainian market selected high quality Italian products, and has its own private line of olive oil, represented by two trade names – ‘Pedersoli Premium Olive Oil’ and ‘Pedersoli Olive Oil’. Products are produced and packed by Italian factory OLEIFICIO DI MONIGA DEL GARDA

The highest quality and perfect flavor of the olive oil have already been appraised by the most fastidious Ukrainian gourmets, and the assortment available and the price give everyone an opportunity to purchase real Italian oil, production of which has been founded on the bases of a century old recipes of experienced masters.

‘Pedersoli Premium Olive Oil’ trademark produces Extra Virgine oils that give different dishes (from salads to meat and fish dishes) perfect delicate taste. These are oils: 100% Italiano Bella Italia, L’oliveto, D’ORO and Il Frantoio. ‘Pedersoli Olive Oil’ trademark also includes olive refined oil di Sansa di Oliva, which doesn’t produce carcinogens when heated, and this quality allows to use it for frying and deep-frying.

First cold-pressed premium olive oil ‘Olio Extra Vergine 100% ITALIANO Bella Italia’ is extracted using mechanical methods only.

Slightly fruity, sweet shade of taste of selected Italian olives will inspire you to create new meals and will suit the requirements even the most fastidious feaster. This oil has a certificate of 100% Italian origin as a mark of its highest quality.

First cold-pressed premium olive oil ‘Olio ExtraVergine di Oliva D’ORO’ has unique golden color. It has pure olive flavor with a slight herbal shade.

Rich and bright taste of oil will add seasoning to your meal without influencing the main taste line. It suits any dish. Every olive is hand-picked and is given a special mechanical refinement.

Premium olive oil ‘Olio ExtraVergine di Oliva L‘oliveto’ is world-wide known for its delicate flavor and balanced tender taste.

It will be an ideal final chord for any dish you cook. The highest quality olive oil is received directly from selected olives, using exclusively mechanical methods.

Premium olive oil ‘Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Il Frantoio’ is traditional Italian oil with soft fragrance and slightly sweet taste. Using it for cooking sauces, frying vegetables and preparing salads, you will add that unique final note of perfection to your dish and will discover taste traditions of Italian cuisine for yourself.

Olio di Sansa di Oliva has light yellow-green color and light taste. It is perfect for baking bread and frying. It does not produce carcinogens when heated to high temperatures that allow to use it several times for deep frying.

First cold-pressed olive oil only, extracted directly from olives.