Olive oil is for those who want to keep their body fit


Junk food, sausages, cakes and other extremely harmful food, unfortunately, is often the basis of our daily diet. If you eat in such way, not a single intense diet and exercise will make you figure slim. This is why, first of all, you need to pay attention to what you eat.

The key to a good condition and good physical shape is a quality food. Few products can compete with the olive oil in terms of microelements and nutrients. Olive oil is known from ancient times for its beneficial qualities. It makes this product the best choice for those who want to adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

How to use olive oil for losing weight?

Many people know that oil from olives is a great and proven tool in the fight against overweight. However, the price of quality oil often stops them, as it is much more expensive today than the usual sunflower. But saving at the cost of their own health is not a good idea. In addition, olive oil costs less than gym membership, doctors, nutritionists or “miracle” pills.

Olive oil is the best choice if you want to:

  • lose weight;
  • cleanse the body of toxins and wastes;
  • gain good physical shape.

Moreover, for all that you only need to take one-tea spoons of olive oil every day!

The most importantly, drink it on empty stomach, preferably before breakfast. At this time, the body is not overloaded, so it will be easier to assimilate the product. Later, when it will adapt to the upgrade of the diet, you can increase the dosage and drink a tablespoon daily. Also remember not to eat nor drink anything at least half an hour after application of oil, otherwise there will be no effect.

If your body takes the product well, you can drink one more tablespoon of oil before bed and try to add to various dishes. Please note that to bring body into a good shape you should use unrefined oil, because it contains the highest amount of nutrients. Refined product should be used only in the kitchen. Oil from olives is perfect for cooking any dishes, salads, meat and fish.

Finally, we should tell a little bit, about how the regular consumption of olive oil has on our body:

  • improves the cardiovascular system, reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • has great effect on the gastrointestinal tract;
  • improves sense of vision;
  • lowers blood cholesterol blood;
  • helps to remove stones from the gall bladder.

This is why we seriously recommend adding olive oil to their diet as quickly as possible. Soon you will be in a perfect shape!

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