How the period of olive harvesting influences the taste of future oil


Olive oil is well known for its useful features, a big number of microelements contained and for its high taste quality. This product is praised and appreciated all over the world and in the countries where olive trees grow – Greece, Italy, Spain and Tunisia – they have even become national symbols.

What factors define the taste of oil?

Olive oil is a very “fragile” product, and many factors can influence its taste. First of all, the following have to be named:

  • type of a tree
  • place where it grows;
  • method of collecting – hand-picking or mechanical;
  • period of collecting.

Most of specialists and masters consider the last factor to be the most important. The period of olive collecting is rather long and lasts from the beginning of October till the end of winter. However, the best oil is got form the olives gathered during the period from the end of October till December. The perfect time for collecting depends on the definite type of tree and the location where it grows.

When are olives for oil collected?

Masters know well when it’s time to gather olives, as fruits obtain purple, wine color.

Wine color fruit contain the largest amount of oil. Ready product made of such olives will have rich headiness and the biggest amount of useful substances. Also this oil is the tastiest. It has almost no bitter savor or other additional components. In general, not the olives which we got used to buy in cans are used to make oil. Green and black fruits are used only for gastronomical aims.

It has to be stated that it is very easy to get oil with poor taste quality. That is why producers are always so precise about the methods of olive collecting. Quality oil is received from hand-picked olives, or the olives collected with special rakes. It is very important not to damage the skin of an olive, because otherwise allocation of fat acids will begin, which will affect the taste of future oil in a bad way.

Not only fruits, but also olive trees, suffer from mechanical way of collecting, which can make them less fruitful in a few years. Due to the reasons mentioned above, oil from little private oil mills is appraised most of all. Usually such plants are a family business, and the olive collecting is a real family festivity.

And to finish, here is a little advice for you: if you want your olive oil to be tasty and useful, buy a Virgin or Extra Virgin product. It will not be cheap but there were a lot of effort made to produce it. Besides, oil has to be contained in not transparent, preferably glass, bottle. Only then you will be able to feel the beautiful taste of real olive oil to its fullest.

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