Green gold, or which criteria to use when rating high quality olive oil


It is only fair that olive oil is often cold ‘green gold’ or ‘liquid gold’. This product is a real saving box of useful substances and microelements. It is a well known fact that if you have at least one tablespoon of oil every day it will prevent many diseases and strengthen your immunity. Besides, olive oil is very tasty, and real culinary masterpieces are created with its help.

It’s obvious that only high-quality natural oil can be really tasty and useful. No wonder that such a pricy product is often falsified, and sometimes customers buy low standard oil thinking that they can buy real oil for a low price.

When purchasing this product, first pay attention to the signs on the label, and, of course, to the price. Quality oil is not cheap but the price is reasonable. Firstly, it’s imported goods, secondly, the process of olive oil producing is very complicated. It is divided into such branches:

  • EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil;
  • VOO – Virgin Olive Oil;
  • Olive Oil;
  • Pomace Olive Oil.

The most valuable and useful is the Extra Virgin branch. It is first cold-pressed oil made out of fresh fruit without any thermal treatment or preservatives used.

How to tell real olive oil from fake?

Unfortunately, even marking Extra Virgin doesn’t always guarantee quality because there may be fake products in the supermarkets. There are other methods of detecting a real quality product apart from inscriptions:

Firstly, pay attention to the color of oil: it has to be yellow or yellow-green which means that oil is not diluted, and is made of proper ripe fruit.

Secondly, open it: the smell must be pleasant, natural-oily, and felt instantly after you open a bottle.

Thirdly, the consistence of a quality product is moderately thick with slight drags. If oil is not homogeneous, it may be a combination of different types.

Fourthly, taste the oil – you have to taste slightly bitter, a smack of olives and hardly noticeable fruit taste. But if you feel strong bitterness and smack of wood, this oil is either of low quality or old.

Fifthly, Place a bottle of oil into a refrigerator. It has to muddy and thicken a little.

We hope, you will not come across fake or non-quality product in supermarkets and will be able to enjoy wonderful taste and usefulness of olive oil to its fullest. Have a great bargain!

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12.05.2016 Articles Автор: Famiglia Pedersoli