Green gold, or which criteria to use when rating high quality olive oil

Green gold, or which criteria to use when rating high quality olive oil


It is only fair that olive oil is often cold ‘green gold’ or ‘liquid gold’. This product is a real saving box of useful substances and microelements. It is a well known fact that if you have at least one tablespoon of oil every day it will prevent many diseases and strengthen your immunity. Besides, olive oil is very tasty, and real culinary masterpieces are created with its help.

It’s obvious that only high-quality natural oil can be really tasty and useful. No wonder that such a pricy product is often falsified, and sometimes customers buy low standard oil thinking that they can buy real oil for a low price.

When purchasing this product, first pay attention to the signs on the label, and, of course, to the price. Quality oil is not cheap but the price is reasonable. Firstly, it’s imported goods, secondly, the process of olive oil producing is very complicated. It is divided into such branches:

  • EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil;
  • VOO – Virgin Olive Oil;
  • Olive Oil;
  • Pomace Olive Oil.

The most valuable and useful is the Extra Virgin branch. It is first cold-pressed oil made out of fresh fruit without any thermal treatment or preservatives used.

How to tell real olive oil from fake?

Unfortunately, even marking Extra Virgin doesn’t always guarantee quality because there may be fake products in the supermarkets. There are other methods of detecting a real quality product apart from inscriptions:

Firstly, pay attention to the color of oil: it has to be yellow or yellow-green which means that oil is not diluted, and is made of proper ripe fruit.

Secondly, open it: the smell must be pleasant, natural-oily, and felt instantly after you open a bottle.

Thirdly, the consistence of a quality product is moderately thick with slight drags. If oil is not homogeneous, it may be a combination of different types.

Fourthly, taste the oil – you have to taste slightly bitter, a smack of olives and hardly noticeable fruit taste. But if you feel strong bitterness and smack of wood, this oil is either of low quality or old.

Fifthly, Place a bottle of oil into a refrigerator. It has to muddy and thicken a little.

We hope, you will not come across fake or non-quality product in supermarkets and will be able to enjoy wonderful taste and usefulness of olive oil to its fullest. Have a great bargain!

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How the period of olive harvesting influences the taste of future oil

How the period of olive harvesting influences the taste of future oil


Olive oil is well known for its useful features, a big number of microelements contained and for its high taste quality. This product is praised and appreciated all over the world and in the countries where olive trees grow – Greece, Italy, Spain and Tunisia – they have even become national symbols.

What factors define the taste of oil?

Olive oil is a very “fragile” product, and many factors can influence its taste. First of all, the following have to be named:

  • type of a tree
  • place where it grows;
  • method of collecting – hand-picking or mechanical;
  • period of collecting.

Most of specialists and masters consider the last factor to be the most important. The period of olive collecting is rather long and lasts from the beginning of October till the end of winter. However, the best oil is got form the olives gathered during the period from the end of October till December. The perfect time for collecting depends on the definite type of tree and the location where it grows.

When are olives for oil collected?

Masters know well when it’s time to gather olives, as fruits obtain purple, wine color.

Wine color fruit contain the largest amount of oil. Ready product made of such olives will have rich headiness and the biggest amount of useful substances. Also this oil is the tastiest. It has almost no bitter savor or other additional components. In general, not the olives which we got used to buy in cans are used to make oil. Green and black fruits are used only for gastronomical aims.

It has to be stated that it is very easy to get oil with poor taste quality. That is why producers are always so precise about the methods of olive collecting. Quality oil is received from hand-picked olives, or the olives collected with special rakes. It is very important not to damage the skin of an olive, because otherwise allocation of fat acids will begin, which will affect the taste of future oil in a bad way.

Not only fruits, but also olive trees, suffer from mechanical way of collecting, which can make them less fruitful in a few years. Due to the reasons mentioned above, oil from little private oil mills is appraised most of all. Usually such plants are a family business, and the olive collecting is a real family festivity.

And to finish, here is a little advice for you: if you want your olive oil to be tasty and useful, buy a Virgin or Extra Virgin product. It will not be cheap but there were a lot of effort made to produce it. Besides, oil has to be contained in not transparent, preferably glass, bottle. Only then you will be able to feel the beautiful taste of real olive oil to its fullest.

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Olive oil is for those who want to keep their body fit

Olive oil is for those who want to keep their body fit


Junk food, sausages, cakes and other extremely harmful food, unfortunately, is often the basis of our daily diet. If you eat in such way, not a single intense diet and exercise will make you figure slim. This is why, first of all, you need to pay attention to what you eat.

The key to a good condition and good physical shape is a quality food. Few products can compete with the olive oil in terms of microelements and nutrients. Olive oil is known from ancient times for its beneficial qualities. It makes this product the best choice for those who want to adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

How to use olive oil for losing weight?

Many people know that oil from olives is a great and proven tool in the fight against overweight. However, the price of quality oil often stops them, as it is much more expensive today than the usual sunflower. But saving at the cost of their own health is not a good idea. In addition, olive oil costs less than gym membership, doctors, nutritionists or “miracle” pills.

Olive oil is the best choice if you want to:

  • lose weight;
  • cleanse the body of toxins and wastes;
  • gain good physical shape.

Moreover, for all that you only need to take one-tea spoons of olive oil every day!

The most importantly, drink it on empty stomach, preferably before breakfast. At this time, the body is not overloaded, so it will be easier to assimilate the product. Later, when it will adapt to the upgrade of the diet, you can increase the dosage and drink a tablespoon daily. Also remember not to eat nor drink anything at least half an hour after application of oil, otherwise there will be no effect.

If your body takes the product well, you can drink one more tablespoon of oil before bed and try to add to various dishes. Please note that to bring body into a good shape you should use unrefined oil, because it contains the highest amount of nutrients. Refined product should be used only in the kitchen. Oil from olives is perfect for cooking any dishes, salads, meat and fish.

Finally, we should tell a little bit, about how the regular consumption of olive oil has on our body:

  • improves the cardiovascular system, reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • has great effect on the gastrointestinal tract;
  • improves sense of vision;
  • lowers blood cholesterol blood;
  • helps to remove stones from the gall bladder.

This is why we seriously recommend adding olive oil to their diet as quickly as possible. Soon you will be in a perfect shape!

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Advantages of frying in olive oil

Advantages of frying in olive oil


If you want to cook a delicious dish and preserve all the useful qualities of its ingredients, then use olive oil for this purpose. Oil pressed from olives is a key ingredient of many culinary masterpiece recipes:

  • salads;
  • bakery;
  • grilled vegetables;
  • stewed dishes;
  • sautéing;
  • frying.

Why olive oil is the best choice for frying?

First of all, olive oil will make your meals not only tasty but also healthsome. Vegetable oil, fat or lard contain harmful microelements. Using them on a regular basis may result in bad consequences. Speaking of traditional sunflower oil, it loses many of its healthsome qualities when heated to high temperatures.

The next important advantage of olive oil is that it easily combines with many products. Using such oil not only preserves their taste, but also underlines and enriches it. That is why meat, fish or vegetables fried in such oil will be a good treat for any feaster. At the same time, the frying temperature of the dish will not be lower than during frying with sun-flower oil or other fat. A distinct difference is that real quality oil made of olives doesn’t contain any harmful elements. Nevertheless, you have to remember that a premium class product cannot be cheap.

Useful qualities of oil are worth to be examined in more details. It should be noted that olive oil contains unsaturated fats. This means that it does not change its properties and chemical composition during warming. Saturated fats are harmful even without heat treatment – experts recommend reducing their use. While butter heated to high temperature starts to produce harmful substances, and sunflower oil loses useful qualities, olive oil can be safely used even for deep frying.

In summary, it should be mentioned that olive oil used for frying is not only completely safe for health, but also is the best vegetable oil for cooking. Meals prepared using oil olive retain nearly all the nutrients and can be added to any diet. So go ahead and buy yourself a bottle of excellent olive oil now. Bon appétit!

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Two spoons of olive oil a day are the key to eternal youth

Two spoons of olive oil a day are the key to eternal youth


No one who lives in Italy or Greece can imagine their diet without olive oil. Inhabitants of Mediterranean territories enjoy the wonderful product for thousands of years now for a reason. Here, average the duration of life is one of the highest in the world. And one of the most popular weight loss and health improvement programs is a so-called ‘Mediterranean diet’ which is based on olive oil.

With the development of technology and medicine, scientists have begun to actively explore amazing properties of this product. It turned out that constant use of olive oil leads to the following positive effects:

  • improvement of heart function, reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack;
  • normalization of the gastrointestinal tract functioning;
  • strengthening the immune and nervous systems;
  • improvement of sense of vision;
  • reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • slowing the aging process.

Oil olive nourishes our bodies with useful microelements and vitamins A, B, C, E and K. The product is rich in antioxidants which influence the aging process of cells, making it significantly slower. In addition, the use of olive oil will make you forget the visits to the cardiologist, and it perfectly rejuvenates the skin. No wonder it is sometimes called the “elixir of youth”.

To achieve such a positive impact on the body, you should only take two tablespoons of this miracle product a day – in the morning and before bedtime on an empty stomach. However, we must start with a teaspoon so that the body can gradually adapt to changes in diet, otherwise it may overload the liver.

Exclusivity of olive oil is that it is 100 percent absorbed by the human body. In addition, it contains rare linolenic acid, which provides the body with the necessary energy. The use of oil from olives helps to accelerate cellular processes that are good for the brain. Moreover, it has choleretic effect, ensuring normal functioning of the stomach and rapid lipolysis.

This product is used not only for disease prevention and health improvement. Traditional medicine has long been known for treating diseases like ulcers and gastritis with olive oil. Also, doctors often recommend adding it to the diet of those who suffer from gall bladder and kidneys problems. Some scientists even claim that olive oil is the best way to prevent the development of malignant tumors.

However, it should be noted that only truly high-quality olive oil has such miraculous qualities. Unfortunately, supermarket shelves often offer fake, for example, a mixture of olive and corn and palm oils. Therefore, you should be careful and pay attention to the manufacturer, text on the label, and, of course, the price – quality product can not be cheap.

The best oil from olives is marked as Virgin or better yet, Extra Virgin. This is the first extraction product which has kept most nutrients. Also try to buy unrefined oil – it did not undergo heat treatment.

Olive oil is a unique natural product, delicious and very useful. Why not to buy a bottle now?

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100% Italian – from the heart of olive valleys of Italy

100% Italian – from the heart of olive valleys of Italy


They say that little olive oil plants owners in Italy know every single olive tree in their possessions. Italy is the second largest producer of oil from olives in the world. But no one can compete with the Italians in love and passion they have for this business.

Italians are proud of the fact that there are more than four hundred types of olive trees that grow in their country, while in Spain – only about twenty. In addition to the Apennines’ very strong tradition of the craft, oil factories are often handed down from father to son and each such plant produces oil with a unique taste.

The best olive oil is produced from fruits harvested by hand, as collecting machine often damages delicate olives. Craftsmen always know exactly from which fruit trees they need to take fruits to get high-quality oil. Collection takes place between late October and January. Further, olives are mechanically mashed, and after the filtering procedures, they place resulting product into special containers.

Speaking of renowned Italian wine, it is known that the older the better. It is all the opposite for oil. Its maturing lasts no more than 40 days; then it begins to accumulate fatty acids that make the taste and quality of the product much worse.

Types of Italian olive oil

Italy is also known for Extra Virgin oil, which is made in this country and is considered the best and cleanest in the world. Italian masters are very proud of this and say that nature helps them in creating this product.

There are a lot of fans of Italian oil in the world. They are skeptical about oils from other countries. It often happens that a man loves one certain type of product, especially if they have a choice. For example, someone can buy only Tuscany oil out of principle, and do not recognize the product of Umbria. This proves once again the varieties of olive oils produced in the Apennines.

In general, experts distinguish the following types of Italian olive oil with:

  • Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva;
  • Olio di Oliva Vergine;
  • Olio di Oliva;
  • Olio di Sansa di Oliva.

The first type is the glorious ‘Extra Virgin’ with the acidity of not more than 1 percent and is produced by cold pressing.

The second type is also very high quality oil produced in the same way. The only difference is that lower-quality fruit were used.

Olio di Oliva – a mixture of natural oils refined, and the last type is a mixture of oil and refined oil from pomace.

Get home a bottle of olive oil from Italy and feel the taste of this beautiful and sunny country!

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