Advantages of frying in olive oil


If you want to cook a delicious dish and preserve all the useful qualities of its ingredients, then use olive oil for this purpose. Oil pressed from olives is a key ingredient of many culinary masterpiece recipes:

  • salads;
  • bakery;
  • grilled vegetables;
  • stewed dishes;
  • sautéing;
  • frying.

Why olive oil is the best choice for frying?

First of all, olive oil will make your meals not only tasty but also healthsome. Vegetable oil, fat or lard contain harmful microelements. Using them on a regular basis may result in bad consequences. Speaking of traditional sunflower oil, it loses many of its healthsome qualities when heated to high temperatures.

The next important advantage of olive oil is that it easily combines with many products. Using such oil not only preserves their taste, but also underlines and enriches it. That is why meat, fish or vegetables fried in such oil will be a good treat for any feaster. At the same time, the frying temperature of the dish will not be lower than during frying with sun-flower oil or other fat. A distinct difference is that real quality oil made of olives doesn’t contain any harmful elements. Nevertheless, you have to remember that a premium class product cannot be cheap.

Useful qualities of oil are worth to be examined in more details. It should be noted that olive oil contains unsaturated fats. This means that it does not change its properties and chemical composition during warming. Saturated fats are harmful even without heat treatment – experts recommend reducing their use. While butter heated to high temperature starts to produce harmful substances, and sunflower oil loses useful qualities, olive oil can be safely used even for deep frying.

In summary, it should be mentioned that olive oil used for frying is not only completely safe for health, but also is the best vegetable oil for cooking. Meals prepared using oil olive retain nearly all the nutrients and can be added to any diet. So go ahead and buy yourself a bottle of excellent olive oil now. Bon appétit!

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12.05.2016 Articles Автор: Famiglia Pedersoli