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They say that little olive oil plants owners in Italy know every single olive tree in their possessions. Italy is the second largest producer of oil from olives in the world. But no one can compete with the Italians in love and passion they have for this business.

Italians are proud of the fact that there are more than four hundred types of olive trees that grow in their country, while in Spain – only about twenty. In addition to the Apennines’ very strong tradition of the craft, oil factories are often handed down from father to son and each such plant produces oil with a unique taste.

The best olive oil is produced from fruits harvested by hand, as collecting machine often damages delicate olives. Craftsmen always know exactly from which fruit trees they need to take fruits to get high-quality oil. Collection takes place between late October and January. Further, olives are mechanically mashed, and after the filtering procedures, they place resulting product into special containers.

Speaking of renowned Italian wine, it is known that the older the better. It is all the opposite for oil. Its maturing lasts no more than 40 days; then it begins to accumulate fatty acids that make the taste and quality of the product much worse.

Types of Italian olive oil

Italy is also known for Extra Virgin oil, which is made in this country and is considered the best and cleanest in the world. Italian masters are very proud of this and say that nature helps them in creating this product.

There are a lot of fans of Italian oil in the world. They are skeptical about oils from other countries. It often happens that a man loves one certain type of product, especially if they have a choice. For example, someone can buy only Tuscany oil out of principle, and do not recognize the product of Umbria. This proves once again the varieties of olive oils produced in the Apennines.

In general, experts distinguish the following types of Italian olive oil with:

  • Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva;
  • Olio di Oliva Vergine;
  • Olio di Oliva;
  • Olio di Sansa di Oliva.

The first type is the glorious ‘Extra Virgin’ with the acidity of not more than 1 percent and is produced by cold pressing.

The second type is also very high quality oil produced in the same way. The only difference is that lower-quality fruit were used.

Olio di Oliva – a mixture of natural oils refined, and the last type is a mixture of oil and refined oil from pomace.

Get home a bottle of olive oil from Italy and feel the taste of this beautiful and sunny country!

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